Refresh Your Indoor Environment

Our air quality company can fill your building with clean air in Charlotte, NC

Everybody needs clean air to feel their best. If the air in your building is contaminated, it could have a big impact on your mood and health. You can improve your air by working with Aerus Charlotte. We're an air quality company that cleanses the air in a variety of buildings, from small homes to large commercial facilities, in Charlotte, NC.

We install:

  • Standalone indoor air purifiers
  • Central vacuum systems
  • Air purifier systems
  • Whole-home air purifier systems
  • You'll be breathing clean air in no time with one of our air purification systems. Call 704-523-9064 now for free estimates on whole-home air purifiers and more.

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    You can hire us to complete an indoor air quality test and address any concerns about the air in your building.

    What sets Aerus Charlotte apart from the rest?

    We're a local, family-owned company. We've been demonstrating our commitment to helping local businesses and homeowners since 1989. Our company uses some of the latest Aerus equipment, including space-inspired technology, made in the U.S. Email us today about anything from an indoor air quality test to an air purifier installation.