Purify the Air in Your Home or Business

Find out about our indoor air purifiers for buildings in Charlotte, NC

Do you feel the stuffy nose and itchy eyes of an allergic reaction indoors? Does the air in your space feel stale, even when you open your windows to let fresh air in? You might need an air purifier.

Aerus Charlotte installs high-quality Aerus air purifiers in homes and buildings throughout Charlotte, NC. We also offer free, annual service checks for our indoor air purifiers for as long as you have them. If you already have one of our air purifiers, call 704-523-9064 now to arrange for your service check.

How do you choose the right air purifier?

Talk to us about our range of indoor air purifiers. Each can be an excellent addition to your space:

  • The Aerus Pure & Clean promotes indoor environmental quality
  • The Guardian Air Home reduces allergy and asthma irritants
  • The Beyond Guardian Air provides extra protection from pollutants

Reach out to us today to find out more about each air purifier. We'll help you choose one that suits your needs and budget.